Why Many Network Marketers quit

The industry is full of success stories.  Unfortunately, it also has some disappointing stories of people who simply quit because they couldn’t make it work.  I’d like to discuss some of the issues of why people are quitting.   

I was the Corporate Vice President of one of the fastest growing [tag]Network Marketing[/tag] Companies in history.  I got to meet a lot of Distributors and Customers of all backgrounds.  It was always interesting to see the differences between the more successful [tag]Network Marketers[/tag], and those who were struggling to reach a level of success they felt good about.

The successful Distributors were not always the most educated, or most experienced.  In fact, some of the most successful Network Marketers I know didn’t even graduate from high school.  That’s the beauty of being a [tag]home business entrepreneur[/tag], you don’t have to prepare a resume to get the job.  You simply find an [tag]income opportunity[/tag] you like, and go to work.

Now, I’m going to make this brief because I intend to spend a lot more time on the subject in the future.  But I do want to quickly mention why I believe that many Network Marketers quit the industry.

I believe people quit, because of trouble getting “[tag]traffic to your Network Marketing Opportunity[/tag]”.  When I say traffic, I’m talking about [tag]massive targeted traffic[/tag]. 

The reality is, most network marketers do not get enough traffic to their opportunity.  They may talk to friends, family, and perhaps a few leads, but what happens when they exhaust that small group of people?  The Distributor becomes frustrated, and quits.

In upcoming posts, I’m going to talk about how to build a steady flow of [tag]network marketing traffic[/tag] to your home business opportunity- which, if you are collecting information, should become an excellent pool of prospects for you.

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