Network Marketing Leads and Lies

targeted trafficI’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for quite a few years, both as a distributor and as a Corporate Executive. I served as a Vice President with one of the fastest growing single-product Network Marketing Companies in history so I have a pretty good understanding of the Home Business Industry – and what it takes to build a successful sales organization.

To build a large, successful, downline with a vibrant MLM Opportunity, you must be willing to work the phone and contact prospects.  This personal contact will help build a solid organization, and drive your income.  You will not get all the prospects you contact to join you, but a percentage will.  If you are afraid of being rejected, you’ll need to deal with that if  you are going to be successful in your network marketing efforts.

If you look around the internet you can be assured to find a LOT of people trying to recruit a downline by saying things like:  “you don’t have to recruit”, or “you never have to call anyone because our systems do all the work”.  Now, there may be some measure of truth hidden in the pitch – but, you certainly can’t expect that you’ll join a Network marketing company and not have to recruit.  C’mon, let’s be real.  The painful truth is that the Network Marketing industry is loaded with ridiculous claims created to play on the innocent people out there who are just hoping to build an income with a Network Marketing opportunity.

Recruiting Systems are fantastic, but they need to be deployed as part of an overall recruiting strategy.  Don’t believe the hype and lies that you can simply turn-on the system, and then go on vacation.  It’s just not realistic.

Network Marketing is all about creating and building a network of people to promote a product or service.  This sales organization can be a powerful force in building wealth for those who are interested in really putting forth an effort.  It takes work, but the rewards can be incredible.

Keep in mind, the incredible fuel that drives your sales organization is based on relationships.  If you build a tight organization with strong relationships, the collective energy of each participant in the sales network will drive growth and income exponentially.  Automated systems can bring in numbers, but relationships are built by personal contact.

Don’t buy-in to the lies of automation as the way to get your pie in the sky.  Automation can be a great tool for you to bring new prospects – but, you’ll still want to connect and build strong relationships with your team.


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