Generating Traffic by Direct Email Marketing

Traffic generation is getting more complex.  The days of simply putting up a good content website and then expecting lots of visitors to find it, are pretty much over.  There are a lot of variables that now contribute to generating traffic, and it can be a little complex if you aren’t familiar with the new trends.

As an analogy, let’s take the example of

It’s tough getting a brand new product off the ground and into the market. The consumer market is so oversaturated with products that are similar that it can seem nearly impossible for new business owners with a dream to even have a shot at making their business successful. There are probably ten or twenty more people with a similar product looking for an in. You may be temped to turn to direct email marketing but before you do, consider a few facts.

Because of this frustrating occurrence, many turn to direct email marketing without realizing the consequences that come with it. Not many people that the phrase direct email marketing refers to someone mailing advertisements to potential customers. A business owner will often compose a special advertisement that links back to a website where their product is sold and then send it to many different email addresses hoping to interest someone. However, these emails are considered spam – unwanted, unsolicited emails that are actually illegal in some states – in fact, it’s even possible for people to file a lawsuit in small claims court and sue for damages because of those emails.

And recipients have more options than just small claims court in a few states. Often, they will complain to their Internet Service Provider, which will usually do an investigation. That Internet Service Provider can then usually trace the spam message back to your website and, if you are on their server, shut the website down. Some Internet Service Providers will even go so far as to fine you anywhere from $20 to $20,000 depending on their Terms of Service.

However, there are types of direct email marketing that are not considered spam by anyone. Large and small companies alike will often get contact information, including email addresses, from their customers are they make a purchase. The company will then send those special offers or information about new products through their email address.
This is actually a very successful business practice that often results in increased sales for the company.

When you decide whether or not direct marketing is for you, you need to keep all of these things in mind. Is it worth getting your important website shut down? Most new business owners cannot afford a large fine or to have their website shut down. In most cases, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

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