Defining Residual Income and How it Impacts Your Marketing

Residual income can be hard to understand in the beginning.  The majority of individuals are used-to making a per-hour wage based upon the concept that they earn money for the hours they work.  Residual income is an extremely different idea, and one of the perceived benefits of Network Marketing.

Residual income is where a person makes money over-and-over for something they do one time.  If your Network Marketing company provides recurring commissions whenever a person you recruited makes a purchase, that’s one way a residual income is earned.  In other words, recruiting a customer who makes a purchase every month, and you are paid each time they purchase.  So, instead of needing to put in hours-and-hours to make money from ongoing customer commissions, residual income is based on the concept of doing something once (recruiting) and making earnings off that work for long after it is completed.  Of course, the greatest benefit will come as you continually recruit and build your sales organization.

Usually, residual income opportunities are based upon an automated system.  Network Marketing companies will often highlight their automated systems to recruit additional marketers to their organization.  There has to be some system in place that permits the earnings to be earned without the person needing to do anything.

The obvious draw is this provides the best atmosphere for building a residual income.  The internet provides a great tool in building an automated recruiting and sales system.  There are many different ways to earn a residual income through the internet.

Many websites now, are developed to allow them to work without manual operations.  Customers simply visit a website, place their order and everything is taken care of by the website software.  Most Network Marketing companies who utilize the internet in their recruiting model, will also have the software coded to correctly assign a customer to the proper recruiter.

This permits an individual to work one time to set up their site and start marketing.  They can utilize their internet site to help build their residual income.

There are also other ways, like affiliate programs.  Either being an associate or producing their own affiliate program can permit an individual to make a significant residual income.  Online Affiliate programs are usually automated by design and they can be a significant cash-making option that needs little effort to setup.

Residual income is not a brand-new concept and it can be done offline, however it has been given a significant boost with internet tools.  Many people are discovering the great rewards with building a residual income.  Whether you utilize a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing approach, there is great value in building a sales-funnel that will reward you over-and-over for your efforts.  It simply pays off better then working truly hard just to be paid for it one time.

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