Cast a Blog Net and Capture Big Traffic

cast a blog netCapturing big traffic by casting a blog net is easier than you may think. Blogging has become a massive industry by itself. Almost every web presence (personal or business) is somehow utilizing a blog to build traffic, and connect with their customers and business partners.

In some of my training courses, I teach people how to build and maintain their own blog network in order to funnel massive amounts of traffic and capture leads. I use the visual analogy of a fisherman casting a net – in order to catch fish. My students quickly see that it is much easier to catch a lot fish with a net than it is with a single line. Of course, you have to have to be fishing in the right place.

With the current technologies that are available in the marketplace, it is easier than ever to build a strong net of content rich and popular blog sites. It will take some effort, but the rewards are undeniable.

Over the past few years, blogging has become incredibly popular as a means of driving traffic, dispensing information, and building relationships. Just about everyone who uses the internet connects with people through a blog – either as a visitor, or as a blog host. Perhaps you are interested in getting-in on the action of blogging, but you’re not sure how to get started. We’ll talk about that, and touch on how to start casting your blog net.

Fortunately, sites like have made it easy to set-up and make posts on a blog. You can start without any money out of pocket, and build sites without any major expertise at all. In this article, we will go over everything from signing up for a blog on to choosing a template (look) to finally making a first post.

What is

Simply put, is a site that hosts blogs for free. This makes it even easier for you to have a blog because there is no need to set up a web site and host the blog yourself. All you have to do on, once you’ve signed up, is login to your blog, write a blog post and click submit. It‘s that simple.

What will my web address be on

Your web address will be One thing that people dislike about Blogger and other free blog sites is that they don’t have as great of a freedom in choosing a name. You are limited to choosing only what is available. So if you’re looking for, you probably won’t be able to find that.

Signing up for a blog on Blogger

The first thing you’ll do is go to Next, you’ll scroll down the page and click on the button labeled “Create Your Blog Now”. You will then be taken to a page where you will enter an email
address (used to log into your blog), a password, and a word verification. You’ll also have to check “I Accept Terms of Service”. Click continue.

Next, you will be taken to a page where you will choose the blog
title, blog address, and another word verification (which is done to prevent auto-signups). When you type in your blog address, you can click a link that says “check availability”. This will tell you whether or not the desired name is available. If the first name you wish to have is not available, keep typing in different variations of the name until you find one that is available. After you have put in all the information, click “Continue”.

Choosing a Template

After you click “Continue”, you’ll be asked to choose a template. The template can be changed at any time after you sign-up for the blog, so you don’t have to choose an “official” template now. If you scroll down, you’ll see a variety of different templates. Click on the one that you like best and then click “Continue”.

Now you are ready to begin “posting to your blog. This is where you will have the opportunity to share. It will take some thought, and you’ll want to be focused in your approach. I will go into that in greater depth later, but for now you are pretty much ready to do. I’ll touch on the topic of posting.

Your First Blog Post

After you’ve chosen a template, you’ll see that your blog has
been created and that there is a button to “Start Posting”.
Click that button. You’ll be taken to a page that is similar to the posting page at a message board. There is a “Title” field, where you can put in the title of this particular blog posting. Then there is a
bigger field, which is the body of your post. Type all you want in this “Body” field, as there is no limit. Note that there are options above the field to bold, italicize, underline or spell check the text. There is also the option of changing the size and color of the text, plus the ability to add bullet points, numbered lists and even pictures. For now, you’ll just do a simple “Welcome” post. In the “Title” field, type “Welcome!” In the “Body” field, type your message. You could start with a simple introduction, talking about yourself and the purpose of the blog. When you’re done typing the message, click the “Publish” button.

Once you have made your first post, you’ll want to begin consistent sharing on your blog. Initially, I suggest posting every day to let the search engines and visitors know that you will be serious. After about a week, you may want to drop back to two or three times per week.

You have now started the process of building a traffic funnel, and have set-up the first line in your blog net. My courses have much greater detail, but now that you see how easy it is to setup one blog – you can easily set up multiple blogs and link them together. There is a strategy to it all, and ways that you can add content automatically – so you aren’t creating a burden for yourself in having to post content constantly. There is also some automated blogging software that you may want to use to SUPPLEMENT your posting. I recommend the software below:

Click Here!

You will begin to see traffic in no time, and depending on the topic and qualify of your content – you may see extreme traffic. If you set up multiple blogs, you can maximize your recruiting and income.

Podcasting: Is This the Hottest New Trend for Driving Traffic?

Some people say Podcasting is the Hottest Online Word of The Day.  If you are all about building a steady flow of traffic, and adding prospects to your funnel – you must take a look at this excellent marketing tool.

If you are a frequent Internet surfer, then Podcasting should not be new word for you because it is the hottest thing goin.  Though the word Podcasting resembles the word broadcasting in pronunciation but its meaning is very much different from the concept of broadcasting.  Putting it simply, Podcast is a method of automatically downloading audio files from Internet to your IPod, computer or any other portable media device like MP3 player. The audio file is published using the RSS feeds. The enclosure field of RSS feed includes the details of audio file making it totally different from the ordinary RSS feed. You can imagine it as a talking feed.

Podcasting- Growing Very Fast
Popularity of Podcasting is growing in leaps and bounds. Forrester Research says that the number of Podcasting listeners is going to cross twelve million by the end of this decade. Doesn’t it look like an impressive figure?

List of topics for Podcasting is also endless. You can have a Pod cast on a wide range of subjects from business, hobbies and rents to obsession and fantasies. Duration of a Podcast show may vary from ten minutes to thirty minutes normally. However, there are some shows that are much longer than thirty minutes. Costly music licensing and red tape has been a hurdle in coming up of much music Podcasts. Some musicians have found an escape route and using their own recordings on their Podcast.

You do not require any kind of special instrument to listen to the Pod casts. If any software is capable of playing the sound file, you may use it to listen to the Podcasts. However, if you want to listen to Podcasts while you are on the move, then you have to buy a portable media player such as an iPod, compatible mobile phone or a MP3 player.

What is RSS?
If you are new to computer terminology, then the word RSS might creating confusions in your mind. But you should not bother about it even if you do not know any thing about the computer programming. RSS is nothing but simply a kind of XML computer code that lets the listener subscribe Podcast shows and keeps them aware of latest developments.

There are several web sites on the Internet where you can find list of Podcasts. Some of these are, and You may find other directories also while searching on MSN, Yahoo, Google and other popular search engines.

Relationship Traffic from Social Media

Social Bookmarking can be a traffic magnet.  To build solid traffic and generate prospects for your opportunity, you need to understand what Social media is, and how to maximize it to your advantage.

Keep in mind, the whole Social marketing concept involves building relationships.  I have emphasized several times that the focus of Web2.0 strategies (especially Social Networking), is the perfect marriage between internet marketing and Network Marketing.

Social Media :  It is about…

* Weaving your content and messages into the social web
* Making friends with your target audience
* Communicating with those friends in real time if possible
* Listening to those friends and responding accordingly

It’s Just Human Nature to build relationships, and the Social Networks make it possible to build relationships virtually.  Those relationships become excellent prospects for our opportunity.

It’s just in our nature as human beings that we like to communicate about what we are interested in.  But there are more reasons than just learning more about what we are interested in that moves many of us to want to communicate about it openly and in public.

People want their opinions to be heard. They like to see their ideas in print. They like getting replies from other people about their opinions.

People like being part of a community of like minded individuals. They like feeling like they are actually a part of something. They like getting involved.

Some people like controversy or having a controversial point of view. Some like to create controversy just to see if they can stir up others in a community to create buzz about differing opinions. Read more

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