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Cast a Blog Net and Capture Big Traffic

Capturing big traffic by casting a blog net is easier than you may think. Blogging has become a massive industry by itself. Almost every web presence (personal or business) is somehow utilizing a blog to build traffic, and connect with their customers and business partners. In some of my training courses, I teach people how to build and maintain their own blog network in order to funnel massive amounts of traffic and capture leads. I use the visual analogy of a fisherman casting a net - in order to catch fish. My students quickly see that it is much easier [...]

Podcasting: Is This the Hottest New Trend for Driving Traffic?

Some people say Podcasting is the Hottest Online Word of The Day.  If you are all about building a steady flow of traffic, and adding prospects to your funnel - you must take a look at this excellent marketing tool. If you are a frequent Internet surfer, then Podcasting should not be new word for you because it is the hottest thing goin.  Though the word Podcasting resembles the word broadcasting in pronunciation but its meaning is very much different from the concept of broadcasting.  Putting it simply, Podcast is a method of automatically downloading audio files from Internet to [...]

Relationship Traffic from Social Media

Social Bookmarking can be a traffic magnet.  To build solid traffic and generate prospects for your opportunity, you need to understand what Social media is, and how to maximize it to your advantage. Keep in mind, the whole Social marketing concept involves building relationships.  I have emphasized several times that the focus of Web2.0 strategies (especially Social Networking), is the perfect marriage between internet marketing and Network Marketing. Social Media :  It is about... * Weaving your content and messages into the social web * Making friends with your target audience * Communicating with those friends in real time if [...]
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