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Types of People Who Are Looking For Opportunities

Right now the econ0my is in the toilet and there are a lot of people struggling to make an income.  In fact, there are many people out of work and have no great prospects for finding work anytime soon.

Some people in the Network Marketing industry whine and complain that the economy is too difficult right now to build a home business.  If that’s their attitude, they are absolutely correct.  They will not build a business.  In fact, I suspect they will never build a business.

Others, see this as a prime time to build – and are out recruiting new people every day.  After all, there are a lot of people with plenty of time on their hands – and they need money.

With that, let’s talk about the types of people who are looking for opportunities.

Remember that people join Network Marketing companies for their own reasons. However, the character or intention of a person will determine how far they want to go in Network Marketing.  Here are classic examples of different types of people

(1) Genuine business opportunity seekers and builders

(2) Product consumers

(3) The supporters

(4) Network Marketing junkies

(5) 001 syndrome

Genuine business opportunity seekers are the most important people in building a large business. They are the bread and butter.  Not all are leaders but leaders are not born, they are developed.  This group of people also can be product consumers.

Acquiring Leads for Your Network Marketing Opportunity

mlm prospectsEvery day there are thousands of new distributors that make the decision to take the plunge into a network marketing business, which is sometimes referred to as a multi level marketing company.  In this difficult economy, Network Marketing is a great option for people needing to earn a full or part-time income.

There are literally thousands of Network Marketing Opportunities available, in a wide-variety of interests.  People join any one of these thousands of Network Marketing companies that are available these days in the hopes of striking it rich, or at least making some extra money and starting their own business.  There are great systems available to Network Marketers to really help them achieve maximum success in their endeavor.

One of the biggest and most talked about of all of the Network Marketing services that a network marketer can make use of are the companies that provide Network Marketers with business opportunity leads. This type of lead is the personal contact information of a person who has expressed interest in knowing more information about certain types of offers, such as learning how to start and thrive in a home based business.

The Network Marketing services that provide these kinds of leads to business builders in the Network Marketing industry have developed internet advertising campaigns and systems to gather the information of the visitors to their web pages. Some of these lead generation companies also use TV and radio advertising and they provide toll free numbers for people to call who are interested in getting more information.

Acquiring The Network Marketing Skillset

Network marketing is the operation of marketing products and services by recruiting people into your genealogy.  As a result of this effort, you garner commissions on downline member sales and recruiting.  New network marketers should acquire basic prospecting skills to become successful in network marketing.  Otherwise, without the growth and expansion of their downline many people will get disheartened and give up.  Make it your goal to acquire the mindset and skills to be successful with your Network Marketing business.

You can become a successful network marketer by exploiting assorted skill-building systems that your network marketing opportunity provides.  You will want to master these systems and share them with your team members so they are also successful.  Remember, the key to massive success with Network Marketing is being able to replicate success amongst your team.

Let’s discuss some basic systems that you will want to become familiar with…

Most network marketing opportunities have conference calling systems in place for both recruiting and education.  Make certain you ask your sponsor or contact the network marketing company for both the phone and PIN (personal identification number) numbers to the conference call system.  Typically, the company will send out a regular announcement via email or will give you the information in your signup packet.  During conference call trainings, you will often listen to successful network marketers make cold calls to prospects.  These network marketers are also working with the same network marketing company.  Listen to the caller’s demonstration techniques, including what he/she says and how he/she presents the network marketing opportunity to prospects.  During a prospecting call, most successful network marketers present qualifying questions like “If I can show you how to establish a business from home, would you have expendable money to invest in getting started?”  These type of qualifying questions will help you ascertain who is serious about joining a home based business.

Conference call training also includes question-and-answer sessions.  Make certain you ask questions if you do not understand certain techniques or systems.

Many home-based business opportunities also have turnkey postal card marketing systems.  In other words, the company prints the postcards and creates telephone messages for people to call.  Many of the postcards are full-colored and printed on high quality slick card stock.  These postcards are specifically designed to assist you in recruiting people into your business enterprise.  Typically, the postcards will have your phone number or a “sizzle-line” phone number that people will call.

The short telephone recorded messages are designed and created to get people interested in your network marketing opportunity.  Consequently, people will call you about your business opportunity.

When people call you, be sure you are ready to share information about your opportunity.  You will likely want to utilize a pre-rehearsed recruiting script when speaking with prospects.  Furnish people with specific pieces of information, such as a website or perhaps a text-on-demand system.  To get started, simply purchase the postcards through your network marketing company and then subscribe to mailing lists that your company may suggest.

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