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Is Your Law Firm Website Generating Leads or Is It a Loser?

Is Your Law practice Site Getting Leads or Is It a Loser?If you have actually been practicing law for more than One Decade, you probably hated developing your very first law practice web site. Chances are that it was also pricey, took too long to establish and possibly doesn’t also have half the capability that today’s websites do. If your law firm site is not creating quality leads for you, it’s a loser. Admit it, if your website is still hindering along on its initial legs, it’s time to chuck it. If it’s be …See all stories on this topic […]

Reasons Why Article Marketing is Attracting Network Marketers

If you have spent any amount of time on this site, you know that our primary focus is to share strategies and resources to help our visitors drive traffic. The strategies can be used for any site or marketing model, but we really focus on building Network Marketing traffic.

So let’s talk about Article Marketing and specifically how the strategy is really attracting and assisting Network Marketers.

So you may have recently joined a new Network marketing opportunity and perhaps have set up a website and are ready to recruit – but visitors (prospects) are just not coming to you you thought they would.   This is a key problem that a lot of Network marketing newbies face – especially if they are trying to recruit online.   It’s easy to get discouraged.

Prospecting: More Solutions for Network Marketing

As we discussed last time, getting prospects to your Network marketing opportunity is the lifeblood of your business.  It is a numbers game – and those who get the most numbers, win.  Traffic generation is a vital point in that process.  Let’s discuss some other solutions to generating traffic to your opportunity.

Networking Swaps

In certain business networking circles, you are able to build a list of prospects and referrals even if you are in a different line of work.  In reality, many business groups exist specifically for the networking.    There are Business networking organizations like BNI (which is one of the biggest networking organization in the world) that are designed to facilitate this.

Of course, all this depends on the rapport and friendship between you and the other members.  You certainly do not want to get involved and immediately start hammering people to join your gig.  You need to build relationships first – and then share your opportunity.  It’s the same strategy as social networking online.

Online Prospecting

In today’s marketplace, getting prospects can be an easy and automated.  You still have to take massive action and follow-up with any leads you acquire, but the fact is you can build a strong prospecting funnel without spending a lot of money.

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