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Building Your Network Marketing Momentum

In network marketing, substantial wealth is created only after you have achieved momentum. This momentum can be thought as very similar to the doubling effect of compound interest. Compound interest is “Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods.” In the case of your network marketing efforts your initial principal is your initial effort. Your accumulated interest is that of your sponsors, who, with your proper coaching, carry on your efforts to effectively set your momentum in motion. Your sponsors follow your lead by growing your downline and finding new […]
Network Marketing Prospect

Prospecting for Panzies – How to Score Big

If you are a Network Marketer and want to make great money you really need to be able to close Prospects. It is especially important if you are doing a lot of recruiting calls. Most people are scared to talk over the phone, so basically that leaves the market WIDE OPEN for those who want to flourish. Learn a few skills, and you can rack-up. Let’s discuss a few general tips: When you prospect over the phone do you get stuck with the folks that can never make the decision? You should save yourself some time… and try to get […]

Is Your Law Firm Website Generating Leads or Is It a Loser?

Is Your Law practice Site Getting Leads or Is It a Loser?If you have actually been practicing law for more than One Decade, you probably hated developing your very first law practice web site. Chances are that it was also pricey, took too long to establish and possibly doesn’t also have half the capability that today’s websites do. If your law firm site is not creating quality leads for you, it’s a loser. Admit it, if your website is still hindering along on its initial legs, it’s time to chuck it. If it’s be …See all stories on this topic […]
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