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Network Marketing Leads and Lies

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for quite a few years, both as a distributor and as a Corporate Executive. I served as a Vice President with one of the fastest growing single-product Network Marketing Companies in history so I have a pretty good understanding of the Home Business Industry – and what it takes to build a successful sales organization. To build a large, successful, downline with a vibrant MLM Opportunity, you must be willing to work the phone and contact prospects.  This personal contact will help build a solid organization, and drive your income.  You will not […]

Common Stumbling Blocks in MLM and How to Overcome Them

Contrary to some of the whining that goes on, Network Marketing is an excellent industry for those who really work.  Of course, not everyone is going to be successful in the industry.  There are reasons why some people have great success, while others fail miserably.  Let’s discuss some common stumbling blocks in MLM and how to easily overcome them

The people who complain that their MLM opportunity is not working for them are actually not doing things in the way they should.  Factually speaking, the concept of network marketing is generally foolproof.  The MLM model is not the problem.  The mistakes that people make is the reason the marketing model fails.  Let’s discuss some of the mistakes that people make, and how they can be avoided.

Choosing the Wrong Company

This is the most common mistake.  People who hear about MLM are so much in a hurry to start out with things that they do not care what kind of company they are enrolling themselves in.  Do not commit this mistake.  Take  time to do research on several opportunities and try to understand the business plans.  Really dig into the compensation plan so you will understand how you will earn income for your efforts.  Only when you are thoroughly convinced must you go ahead with the network marketing venture. If you are not convinced yourself, how can you convince others? Select an MLM opportunity that is most suitable to you.

Time to Stop Being a Network Marketing Loser!

Network Marketing has been hailed as the “great hope” for the average person to finally reach their dreams.  While it is very true for some, the vast majority fail miserably.   One of the major stumbling blocks for any newbie Network Marketing entrepreneur is the reality of facing rejection from potential prospects. Many self-proclaimed industry leaders, suggest that you first present the opportunity to your personal contacts – otherwise known as your warm market.  Certainly, that’s a great (and safe) starting point, but most people have already exhausted their family with countless “can’t miss” deals that ended up being a giant […]
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