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Network Marketing Leads and Lies

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for quite a few years, both as a distributor and as a Corporate Executive. I served as a Vice President with one of the fastest growing single-product Network Marketing Companies in history so I have a pretty good understanding of the Home Business Industry – and what it takes to build a successful sales organization. To build a large, successful, downline with a vibrant MLM Opportunity, you must be willing to work the phone and contact prospects.  This personal contact will help build a solid organization, and drive your income.  You will not […]

Network Marketing Prospecting is NOT a Covert Operation

In Network Marketing, it is obvious that you have to have prospects and Customers if you are going to succeed.  One of the biggest lies in the industry is that you “just sign up, and money starts flowing”.    It disgusts me that there are distributors out there that push that line. The reality is, if you are going to work a Network Marketing opportunity you better be prepared to present your new deal to prospects.  The level of your success is certainly going to be measured by the number of prospects you are able to show your opportunity to. This […]

Types of People Who Are Looking For Opportunities

Right now the econ0my is in the toilet and there are a lot of people struggling to make an income.  In fact, there are many people out of work and have no great prospects for finding work anytime soon.

Some people in the Network Marketing industry whine and complain that the economy is too difficult right now to build a home business.  If that’s their attitude, they are absolutely correct.  They will not build a business.  In fact, I suspect they will never build a business.

Others, see this as a prime time to build – and are out recruiting new people every day.  After all, there are a lot of people with plenty of time on their hands – and they need money.

With that, let’s talk about the types of people who are looking for opportunities.

Remember that people join Network Marketing companies for their own reasons. However, the character or intention of a person will determine how far they want to go in Network Marketing.  Here are classic examples of different types of people

(1) Genuine business opportunity seekers and builders

(2) Product consumers

(3) The supporters

(4) Network Marketing junkies

(5) 001 syndrome

Genuine business opportunity seekers are the most important people in building a large business. They are the bread and butter.  Not all are leaders but leaders are not born, they are developed.  This group of people also can be product consumers.

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