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Prospecting for Panzies – How to Score Big

If you are a Network Marketer and want to make great money you really need to be able to close Prospects. It is especially important if you are doing a lot of recruiting calls. Most people are scared to talk over the phone, so basically that leaves the market WIDE OPEN for those who want to flourish. Learn a few skills, and you can rack-up. Let’s discuss a few general tips: When you prospect over the phone do you get stuck with the folks that can never make the decision? You should save yourself some time… and try to get […]

Why You Must Never Sell Yourself Short in Marketing

There are many reasons why it is very difficult to succeed with online marketing and Network marketing, but be encouraged, people DO SUCCEED succeed in spite of having the odds stacked against them.  There are plenty of tutorials on this site to offer marketing insights and strategies that will help you drive traffic, and convert prospects.  You can learn some great marketing strategies by simply taking the time to study, but there is a secret that I haven’t talked too much about but that you must acquire if you are going to guarantee your success.

One of the most important elements for success is to have an unstoppable mindset.

If you sell yourself short, you will never make it big online or in the Network Marketing industry.   The really successful marketers have to have the “belief” in themselves, or they will never convince others to join them or purchase their product.  Period.

Let’s talk about why that is important in the Internet Marketing world…

The Internet is like a large ocean.  If you have a website, it means nothing.  A website without traffic or a good brand is like Elvis singing great songs in his backyard without meeting a single person.  His songs may be good, but if nobody notices him, how can he become ‘The King’?  So, of course, learning how to drive traffic to your site is an important strategy – but, you also have to absolutely believe that you offer a great product or service.

By understanding these principles, you will do well to establish a good foothold on the net.

(1)    Always focus on your strengths and talk about them often.  In our culture, it’s a general true statement that people usually only respect the strong.  Whether you agree with that or not, it is how our society functions.  So, by virtue of how people generally operate, if you identify and play on your strengths – people will take notice.

What are you good at?  Graphic design?  Writing?  Building networks? Let everyone know about it.  This is you.  If you do not believe in yourself, you can not expect other people to believe it you and that’s the way the world works.

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