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Traffic Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

If you are a marketer looking for sales, you likely are looking for traffic without spending thousands of dollars.  It’s easy to build traffic to your opportunity or sales-page, but it’s another thing to build targeted traffic on a shoestring.  You have to apply some principles that can drive your traffic.  There are many strategies that you can deploy, but we want to look at just one.  Email marketing. E-mail marketing can be a source of extremely qualified traffic, however it has one big caveat: you have to have already gotten your visitor for them to be at the page […]

Generate Traffic With Direct Email Marketing

It’s tough getting a brand new product off the ground and into the marketplace.  The consumer market is so over-saturated with products that are very similar that it can seem nearly impossible for new business owners to get prospects to visit their site.  With a dream to even have a shot at making their business successful, it takes some skill and work.  There are probably ten or twenty more people with a similar product looking for a solution to getting prospects to visit.   You may be temped to turn to direct email marketing but before you do, consider a few […]

Build a Huge Network Marketing Team Using E-mail Marketing!

I’ve spoken at several seminars and events where I have shared about my concept of “Virtual Prospecting”.  Basically, in the current internet marketing and social networking space, virtual prospecting is a great solution for building relationships and business partners.  If you want to build your Network marketing organization big and fast, you need to learn the skills of how to turn traffic and online relationships into strong business partners. Another important skill you should utilize in building your network marketing business is to use E-mail marketing.  Many marketers assume that blasting out a few autoresponder e-mails will accomplish the result […]
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