Network Marketing Traffic

Traffic is the Life Source for Network Marketing

When I first got started in [tag]Network Marketing[/tag], I had dreams of making huge checks within a few weeks of signing up. My first Sponsor recruited me into the company by telling me everything I wanted to hear – and then some. I just knew I was going to , and I knew it was going to be quick.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that I had been lied to. This Network Marketing stuff wasn’t going to be as easy as I was led to believe. I made the “list” of everyone I knew, but after contacting my first 10, I was totally deflated. None of my friends were interested in joining me in my new venture, and they certainly didn’t want to sign-up for the long-distance service I was selling. I didn’t want to be humiliated any further by speaking with my family and friends, so I decided to purchase some leads. Surely, they would be better prospects for my and would probably sign up immediately. Yeah right!

Network Marketing Traffic : The success solution

I was approached last week by someone who was trying to recruit me into a “pre-launch” Network Marketing Opportunity. Now, first of all, when I see a Network Marketing company in pre-launch I’m certainly NOT going to get involved. I’ve been in the [tag]home business[/tag] industry long enough to know that a “ground floor opportunity” simply means you’ll be crushed when the rest of the building falls. It’s my opinion that the people who get excited about Network Marketing pre-launches, are either: “money gamers”, or people who need to check in to the [tag]MLM Addiction[/tag] clinic. Start-ups in the mlm […]

Why Many Network Marketers quit

Most Network Marketers do not get enough targeted traffic to their opportunity. They may talk to friends, family, and perhaps a few leads, but what happens when they exhaust that small group of people? The obvious solution, is to provide a constant flow of traffic - which we intend to show you how.
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