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Getting Loads of Network Marketing Traffic by “Tagging”

traffic funnelFrom my experience, to build a massive [tag]Network Marketing[/tag] [tag]Traffic funnel[/tag] you need to utilize as many [tag]traffic building systems[/tag] as possible.  My preference, obviously, is to rely on totally free traffic that is generated from Search Engine placement, or perhaps links from other sites.  I’m not very fond of Pay-per-click ads (PPC) or Pay-per-action (PPA) traffic, simply because it can be quite expensive in terms of volume.  Also, to get you’ll need to spend a little more time on the things that contribute to bringing in visitors. 

One of my favorite ways to get , is to utilize “tagging”.  Now, many people may not recognize the importance of tagging, but I’m here to proclaim evidence on the contrary.  I’ve watched as my traffic funnel fills with excellent targeted prospects, as a result of my efforts with tags.

Basically, tags are categories that your blog postings fit into. Tagging a specific text in your post for a certain type of category tells Technorati and icerocket, or other sites, to put your blog post in a specific category on their site. That means if anyone goes to Technorati and searches for a specific [tag]keyword[/tag] phrase, if your blog post has been tagged in that category, it potentially will be brought to their attention.

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Things to Avoid in Building Your Traffic Funnel

In my experiences in , I’ve tried just about everything. Yes, I even experimented with “spam” (but I didn’t inhale).

At the time, I didn’t know it was spam and when I found out- I immediately stopped. If you utilize any spamming techniques, you will end up killing your website- and may end up in personal trouble. Bottom line is… DO NOT DO IT! I could go on all day with the things to avoid, but that’s not the focus of this Report. I simply want to mention a couple of things that many people get enticed with as they are trying to get traffic to their site.Be careful anytime a site promises a large volume of [tag]visitors or traffic[/tag].

I ALWAYS avoid:

  • Sites that promise to send you 1 gazillion visitors within 30 days
  • Sites that guarantee 100,000 unique visitors
  • Sites that will e-mail your add to 10 million opt-in subscribers
  • Software what will automatically build a 1,500 page website

Basically, my rule of thumb is to avoid anything that promises outrageous results in a quick period of time. Getting visitors to a website takes time to cultivate.

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