Types of People Who Are Looking For Opportunities

Right now the econ0my is in the toilet and there are a lot of people struggling to make an income.  In fact, there are many people out of work and have no great prospects for finding work anytime soon.

Some people in the Network Marketing industry whine and complain that the economy is too difficult right now to build a home business.  If that’s their attitude, they are absolutely correct.  They will not build a business.  In fact, I suspect they will never build a business.

Others, see this as a prime time to build – and are out recruiting new people every day.  After all, there are a lot of people with plenty of time on their hands – and they need money.

With that, let’s talk about the types of people who are looking for opportunities.

Remember that people join Network Marketing companies for their own reasons. However, the character or intention of a person will determine how far they want to go in Network Marketing.  Here are classic examples of different types of people

(1) Genuine business opportunity seekers and builders

(2) Product consumers

(3) The supporters

(4) Network Marketing junkies

(5) 001 syndrome

Genuine business opportunity seekers are the most important people in building a large business. They are the bread and butter.  Not all are leaders but leaders are not born, they are developed.  This group of people also can be product consumers.

Product consumers are people who join an Network Marketing and buy from them because they like the product and enjoy the service of their upline. They are not necessarily genuine business opportunity seekers or builders yet for many builders, a lot of their income will come from this group.  The good thing about them is as they learn more about the product, the company and interact more with their upline, their exposure to Network Marketing grows and they might convert to opportunity seekers and then builders.

The supporters’ category is quite a mixed match of people. When their close friends or relatives build an Network Marketing, they will join under them to ‘support their businesses.  However, the consequence of that action varies according to the individual. For example,  I would join my friend’s organization but it could be purely out of obligation and not for any genuine reason.  This could potentially lead to resentment (when you mix business dealings with friendship), confusion and even loss of friends. Others might even join to see if their friend or relative is involved in a scam to try and pull him or her out. In order to prevent any potential disaster, make sure your intentions for joining a Network Marketing company are very clear cut.

Network Marketing junkies are the sort of people who jump from MLM to MLM (some people even call them Multi-Level-Monkeys). They attend a talk, get hyped up about the opportunity, and build the business on euphoria. Sooner or later, they lose steam and find problems with the company (when the real problem is themselves most of the time) and jump to the next SMOKING HOT business opportunity. It is not wrong to be a member of many Network Marketing companies (depending on your budget). Bear in mind, certain companies discourage or even forbid you to join other companies (then their business practices should be examined).  If you are a member of many companies, it is ok to do a good survey and attend trainings, but the key to remember is you must focus on ONE good Network Marketing for the long run and the others can operate on a referral basis (like recommending a friend to buy a product from another company while building one main one).

This leads us to one more category of people who could be Network Marketing junkies as well – the 001 syndrome. Basically they want to be the first to start building a business in a brand new start-up. They want to be the pioneer. There are many pros and cons to assess about a new company like their background history, financial status and product market rather than just focusing on the income potential. There are many more challenges to be faced for people who are sponsored directly under the company and new companies don’t usually have a time-tested workable system in place.

If you fall into one of the above categories (or even some or all of the above), these will give you a general guideline on how to improve your choice selection of Network Marketing companies before we go in to the details about compensation plans and product demand. By knowing yourself better, you can do a better assessment.

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