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Prospecting for Panzies – How to Score Big

If you are a Network Marketer and want to make great money you really need to be able to close Prospects. It is especially important if you are doing a lot of recruiting calls. Most people are scared to talk over the phone, so basically that leaves the market WIDE OPEN for those who want to flourish. Learn a few skills, and you can rack-up.

Let’s discuss a few general tips:
When you prospect over the phone do you get stuck with the folks that can never make the decision? You should save yourself some time… and try to get to the person who has the authority to make decisions. Probably, the person who controls the cash.

First of all, make sure you get through to should be a real person – and not an answering machine. As I mentioned earlier, the best person to speak with is the person who holds the cash, and has the authority to spend it. It sounds kinda obvious, but don’t wastehave the authority to make choices or they should have the requirement for whatever you’re selling.

Always ensure your calls target one of those types. Now, I know you should usually go for those folks that can make the choices. But if you go after the “NEED” person the call should be positioned around influencing them to make the correct noises with the folks that can make the choices to go with your product and so on. An “insider” on your side can work miracles when you finally get round to talking with the choice maker. Cold Calling Strategy – Whats yours like? If you’re like the majority of cold callers out there then you suck.

I actually mean that – the standards of cold calling that I should endure as a Call Maker are awful. The crazy thing is, is they know ( or should know ) they are cold calling the head man of a Sales Coaching Company so you believe they’d at least attempt to be a little special.

So what can be done to stand out from the bunch of cold calling mediocrity? Here are 5 cold calling methodologies to use or avoid as the case might be : one. Don’t sound polished – as quickly as a well-oiled person comes on the phone I right away know its a salesman. No stammers, no “err” “umms” – be human please and you’ll get a crack at the title. Don’t ask “How are you today?” – thats vomit material and smells of “Im building harmoniousness before I ask you for your cash. Qualify before you call – “am I able to talk with who deals with your promoting please?” – “No, bog off – if you cant be prepared to find out his name, I cant be prepared to put you thru” This is just horrible sales skills. – If your target is to set an appointment then sell the appointment.

Don’t go on about your company, your products and so on.

Just get the appointment and focus on that. Would next Tues. at 3pm be good for you?” Go for the jugular. I am getting a success rate higher than anybody I know.

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