Network Marketing Prospecting is NOT a Covert Operation

In Network Marketing, it is obvious that you have to have prospects and Customers if you are going to succeed.  One of the biggest lies in the industry is that you “just sign up, and money starts flowing”.    It disgusts me that there are distributors out there that push that line.

The reality is, if you are going to work a Network Marketing opportunity you better be prepared to present your new deal to prospects.  The level of your success is certainly going to be measured by the number of prospects you are able to show your opportunity to.

This site is focused primarily on building a traffic funnel to your opportunity, and how to convert that traffic into valid prospects.

Let’s talk about what you do when you get a live prospect…

Here are a couple of prospecting methods that you must be aware of if you want to survive in the network marketing jungle… after all having effective prospecting methods is your network marketing lifeline!

Cold Calling & Invitations

Cold calling (and going door-to-door) is one of the MOST INEFFECTIVE and DIFFICULT forms of prospecting methods in the 21st century.  Some sales people might debate that it is still viable, but most Network Marketers will NOT utilize this method for building their organization.   So, let’s be realistic…

  • YOU don’t like to receive phone calls
  • Cold calling has a lot of resistance and people turn their ears away if you are a stranger
  • People don’t like being sold things that they don’t need
  • They don’t even need to see YOU – a total stranger!

Invitations on the other hand might still work if it is done correctly.  You can invite your friends to an event or a tea-party but make sure that your INTENTION is very clear when you invite him or her.  People are not stupid and they can sense your intentions if you have promised them otherwise.

In other words, don’t trick them into coming to your network marketing prospecting meeting!

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