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Network Marketing Leads and Lies

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for quite a few years, both as a distributor and as a Corporate Executive. I served as a Vice President with one of the fastest growing single-product Network Marketing Companies in history so I have a pretty good understanding of the Home Business Industry – and what it takes to build a successful sales organization. To build a large, successful, downline with a vibrant MLM Opportunity, you must be willing to work the phone and contact prospects.  This personal contact will help build a solid organization, and drive your income.  You will not […]
Network Marketing Prospect

Prospecting for Panzies – How to Score Big

If you are a Network Marketer and want to make great money you really need to be able to close Prospects. It is especially important if you are doing a lot of recruiting calls. Most people are scared to talk over the phone, so basically that leaves the market WIDE OPEN for those who want to flourish. Learn a few skills, and you can rack-up. Let’s discuss a few general tips: When you prospect over the phone do you get stuck with the folks that can never make the decision? You should save yourself some time… and try to get […]

A Few Tips When considering Multi-Level Marketing

Getting involved with multi-level marketing opportunity is a chance for you to begin a small company and grow an income as independent representative or associate.  There are many great advantages to joining with a Network marketing company, so you’ll want to consider carefully whether you should join.  Review this article to obtain a few tips and specifics and also recommendations on networking marketing. First thing you should consider is whether you really like the product that is being offered by the company and the opportunity you are considering promoting.  There are a lot of products being pushed by multi-level opportunities […]
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