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Prospecting: More Solutions for Network Marketing

As we discussed last time, getting prospects to your Network marketing opportunity is the lifeblood of your business.  It is a numbers game – and those who get the most numbers, win.  Traffic generation is a vital point in that process.  Let’s discuss some other solutions to generating traffic to your opportunity.

Networking Swaps

In certain business networking circles, you are able to build a list of prospects and referrals even if you are in a different line of work.  In reality, many business groups exist specifically for the networking.    There are Business networking organizations like BNI (which is one of the biggest networking organization in the world) that are designed to facilitate this.

Of course, all this depends on the rapport and friendship between you and the other members.  You certainly do not want to get involved and immediately start hammering people to join your gig.  You need to build relationships first – and then share your opportunity.  It’s the same strategy as social networking online.

Online Prospecting

In today’s marketplace, getting prospects can be an easy and automated.  You still have to take massive action and follow-up with any leads you acquire, but the fact is you can build a strong prospecting funnel without spending a lot of money.

Prospecting: Some simple Solutions for Network Marketing

Here are a couple of prospecting methods that you must be aware of if you want to survive in network marketing.   I’ve shared several articles on building your prospect funnel, and specifically how to drive traffic to capture prospects.  It is vital that you factor traffic generation (offline and online) into your business building strategy.  After all, having effective prospecting methods in place is your network marketing lifeline! Cold Calling Invitations With Network Marketing, cold calling (and going door-to-door) is one of the MOST INEFFECTIVE and DIFFICULT forms of obsolete prospecting.  I suspect some people might want to debate this, […]

Outsource Traffic Generation to Build Your Business

save time by outsourcingYou have likely heard the statement “Time is Money”.  Unfortunately, that is not exactly accurate.  The statement has often been associated with trading time for dollars.  I mean, who really wants a job?

The fact is, our time is extremely valuable – as we only have a limited amount of it.  How we choose to spend that time is certainly very important.  My goal is to spend as much time doing the things I want to do, and less time with tasks that I hate.

Network Marketing provides a great opportunity to build an income that will allow me to spend more time on the things I enjoy.  Obviously, if you agree with that you are likely working on strategies to build your Network Marketing opportunity big and fast so you can better enjoy your time.  Let’s discuss how you can fully utilize your time and talents to build your opportunity.

Let’s talk about traffic generation, and how we better focus our time in building our business.   We’ll specifically discuss outsourcing some traffic building tasks to build our Network Marketing business.

This is definitely a very pertinent question because you cannot outsource everything that your Network Marketing business entails.  You have to keep the important tasks – those that require creativity and initiative – for yourself.  But the jobs that require some kind of professional talent (that you may not have) can be outsourced.

For example, if you do not have the skill or the knowledge to build a website, you should give out this job to someone that can do it for you.  At the same time, jobs that anyone can do, like copying addresses on labels and mailing postal letters can be outsourced because they will save you some time.

Here is a list of things that you should consider outsourcing for your Network Marketing business, and specifically your traffic generation:

Article Writing and Website Content

Article writing requires some literary skill because the words in them have to attract people to your business opportunity.   If you do not have the time, inclination or the skill to do it yourself, it is best to outsource it.  Article writing is still a great way to build traffic to your website or lead-capture page, and is a time-tested way to generate important back-links.

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